Fabric shopping in Paris

Earlier this month I went for a weekend away in Paris which of course was just an excuse to go fabric shopping! 

I didn’t have long but luckily I was staying near the fabric centre in Montmatre. There is a whole drag of shops on Place Saint Pierre which are reasonably priced and good quality.

My favourite was Tissus Reine probably because it was nicely laid out and so easy to see what was on offer.

But it is definitely worth going slightly off the beaten track to Les Petits Points Parisiens. It is beautiful with gorgeous wools, carefully selected fabrics and sooo many French sewing patterns.

If you want buttons check out Dam Boutons. It is a tiny shop with every bit of wall covered with buttons!

Why did I not take any photos?! Probably because I was too busy enjoying what was on offer and feeling shy shopping in a different language! If you want to see them you’ll just have to go yourself!

I didn’t have much luggage space but I managed to squeeze in a bit of jersey fabric and an Aime Comme Marie pattern:

I’ll try and add a picture of the fabric when I get a chance, for now the suspense continues!


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