Simple Summer Tweed Top Down V-Neck in West Yorkshire Spinners

I have just finished knitting this jumper for my mum and I’m very proud as this is the second jumper that I have completed and the first one that I actually like! I have always had knitting on the go for the last few years and have been knitting on and off since a young age but this jumper proves to myself that I know what I am doing and has really encouraged me to believe in my skills. Hopefully my mum likes it as much as I do!

Anyway enough self reflection and on to the jumper itself.

The real star of this show is this wool from West Yorkshire Spinners. In order to get the smooth colours I made sure to match the start and end wools when joining a new ball. This did take a bit more effort and possibly more balls but it was definitely worth it.

This pattern is very straightforward and really allows the wool to shine. It is nicely drafted and simple to adapt to get the right size. As it is knitted from the top down and in the round my mum could keep trying it on which meant we could get the fit just right, not that the pattern needed much adapting.

Here are the technical titbits that aren’t included in the pattern but I used to knit this jumper.

Picking the right size 
By measuring my mums bust and the bust on jumpers she already has we decided on a size.

Getting the right gauge

I knitted a gauge of 16st and 23 rows in a 4inch square. From this I worked out how many stitches (4.5) and rows (8) were in an inch. I then adjusted the pattern accordingly so for every 16sts the pattern said to knit I did 18sts and for every 23 rows I did 24 rows. I adjusted the pattern to take this in to consideration before I started so it was quite straightforward from then on.

Yoke shaping

One thing I struggled to grasp first time round was that for the neck and yoke you need to work front, back and sleeve raglan increases at the same time as the v-neck/crew neck shaping. And don’t joint the front until told to do so! (Knit flat rather than in the round until this point)


Instead of knitting the sleeves in the round, I knitted them flat and knitted both sleeves at the same time. This means I didn’t have to keep turning the jumper and should result in sturdier sleeves.

Picking up stitches for the neck

When picking up stitches for the back of the neck you should pick up the knots, not the loops. This means the stitches of the back and the neck will line up correctly.

For the front of the neck pick up stitches from in a couple of stitches so that you don’t have holes in the joins.
To reduce holes pick up stitches and knit them together.

Binding off

To get a tighter curl bind off more tightly. This prevents the edges curling up too much.


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