Rectangle dress from No Pattern Needed

As soon as I got the No Pattern Needed book I was full of inspiration and wanted to make everything. Without the chance to go fabric shopping I needed to use something from my stash. This fabric was given to me by my mum as leftovers from a dress she made a couple of years ago. She got the fabric from Stitched Up and it’s a lovely crisp slightly thicker than shirting cotton fabric with this great pattern on it:

So I set to work taking my measurements and applying them to the pattern. Don’t be put off as this is very straightforward maths.

The pattern was very easy to draft. The only issue I hit was that you need to copy an item you already have which in itself is fine but I chose one that has tight arms and in this fabric that meant it was too tight and was nearly cutting off my circulation. So I ended up going sleeveless. Note to self, copy a garment you actually want to copy ha!

To replace the sleeves I used the sleeves from the Triangle Top also in the book.

Originally I drafted the pattern as described by the book and it came out exactly as the picture. How often can you say that! But then I realised I didn’t want so much ease in the top of the dress so I removed the 4inches of ease in the top (1 inch from each side, front and back).

As I have an arched back I added 4 tucks in the back to mirror the front. This gave me a tighter fit at the waist but still room to manoeuvre at the shoulder blades which I like.

I kept the amount of ease described in the book for the skirt but just gathered it more to fit the top. Next time I would like to add even more volume to the skirt and use pleats instead of gathers.

This pattern (and the book) is a great intro to pattern drafting without any complicated jargon or maths. I don’t think I have ever made something that fits so perfectly as this dress. I can’t wait to make more from this book. I have fabric waiting for the rectangle skirt.



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