Stripey Macaroni

This is the first of my #2017makenine for the rest of my planned makes go to my instagram here.

The pattern and the fabric are from a recent trip to Paris. The pattern is Macaroni by Aime Comme Marie a French pattern company that helpfully has English instructions as well. The pattern comes in a cardboard sleeve which makes it easier to put cut pieces in and there’s a space for your notes. The pattern itself is printed on printer paper so is much less easily torn and is much more enjoyable to cut out.This top was very easy to sew and the pattern was easy to follow with nice hand drawn diagrams for each stage. If you are an absolute beginner this probably isn’t the pattern for you as it is quite light on instructions but if you’ve sewn a few things you should be fine.

This jersey is so soft to the touch. I don’t think it’s cotton but it has a lovely cottony feel. It is a thick tshirt fabric which is perfect weight for a spring/summer top or a layering item during winter.

To choose my size I measured my bust, waist and hip sizes and as is often the case my bust was a size up from the others. As I would rather this top be baggy on the waist and hips rather than tight on the bust I went for the bigger size. I have to say that I am glad I did because in the end I had to reduce seam allowance to 0.5 cm on the body as it was quite close fitting. I now think that maybe the pattern didn’t include seam allowance. Either way I would size up to the next size in future to keep a similar fit but a larger seam allowance. 

The length of the sleeves is a bit short for me but then I often have this issue. I have add a 2 inch cuff. In future I would add two inches to the sleeves.

The fit elsewhere on the top is perfect and I love the frill. I have thought of using this as a pattern without the frill by redrafting the front and back pieces by joining the middle and sides together.

My only attempt at pattern matching was to line all pieces with a stripe at the bottom and this was quite effective. You need to make sure you line up the two layers for perfect pattern matching when cutting two at a time/on the fold.

Overall I am very pleased with this jumper that has already had loads of wear.


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