Charcoal Heather

I admired the Sew Over It Heather dress and the idea of the PDF club but I was put off by all the hassle of sticking together PDF patterns and I thought I would struggle to find the right fabric. But recently when I was in Woolcrest Textiles on a hunt with my friend I stumbled across this gorgeous soft warm fabric and I knew exactly what I wanted to make. The next day I went to my local library to print off the pattern and started cutting and sticking it all together. Pdfs are easier than I remember!


I made the dress based on the right size for my bust and waist – I was a size or two down on the hips but just cut the same size as the bust and hips. The dress fits perfectly everywhere except the skirt which is a bit big. I am still considering taking it in to my size in the hips but Im wearing it a couple of times before I make any changes.


I measured the sleeve length which seemed to be about right. But after the short sleeves on the Macaroni I added an inch to the length to be on the safe side. In the end this wasn’t needed and I ended up cutting it off. Actually looking at these photos I might take a bit more of the length.

The sleeves are very fitted which I really like. A word of warning though, I have slim arms and wrists so you might want to consider adding width to the arms.


The construction was simple and well explained but the pattern has a bit of origami at the pockets which keeps the mind interested. The only deviation from the pattern was to under stitch the top of the pockets to try and prevent them stretching out.


I am really happy with this dress and I’m sure I will make a few more. I am considering chopping the sleeves off at the elbow as it is very warm and cosy with full sleeves but I’m not sure how useful that will be for most of the year.


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