Men’s shirt refashion

This top was really fun as upcycling uses a different part of my brain. When following patterns I find that sewing is more about the final output unless I’m learning lots of new skills. But with upcycling you always need to on your toes as it’s hard to know what will happen. 

I used to attempt upcycling in my early sewing days but I didn’t have the sewing knowledge for many of them to turn out successfully. 

I’m pretty proud of this one. Yay for more frills for summer!


Chop off the collar, arms and side seams. 

Shape the neckline removing a bit at a time until it is the shape you want. 

Cut the arm holes and bust width based on a top you already have. 

Cut straight down the sides to get a boxy shape. 

Draft the arms using Chinello Baly’s book. 

Sew the side seams and attach the arms.

After trying it on again make the final adjustments to the neckline. 

Cut off at the waist and attach a frill. For the frill piece together all the bits you have left and gather them. 

Before attaching the frill add 2cm darts to the back.

Finish all the seams with zig zag on 2.5 length and 7 width.

Hem the body and arms. Finish the neckline with bias binding.



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