Me Made May

So there it’s done. #MeMadeMay2017 is complete. I challenged myself to wear something me made everyday of May. I was so close to completing it then the weather got really hot and my me-made wardrobe struggled to keep up, oh well!
In case you missed it, here is what I wore and a few things I learnt along the way:

Small wardrobe

#memademay2017 has made me realise I wear much of the same things week on week for work. I’m happy with this as it means I have curated a small but well formed wardrobe. Instead of adding more items I want to adjust the items I have so that they fit just right and I can get more enjoyment from wearing them.

All the dresses


Here are a few changes I’d like to make:

  • Add a godet on either side seam of the red flowery dress so it’s less restricting on my legs
  • Add a funnel neck or something to the navy and orange dress as the neck has stretched out.
  • Take in the black dress slightly as it feels quite voluminous
  • Shorten the sleeves and add some embroidery on the yoke of the white shirt

The top and bottom of it


I didn’t wear much of my me-made jumpers as they are suitable for winter, not the summer months. I really want to knit a thin lacey jumper. In the long run I might make some Grainline Morris jackets but at the moment I am not buying new fabric and I’m happy with the shop bought options I currently have.
Shop bought vs me made

While there are gaps in my me made wardrobe I am happy with the shop bought items that fill those gaps. I don’t want to sew for the sake of having a me made wardrobe when I already have good shop bought versions.

Makes made in May 2017


I realised that I wear my clothes for a long time, most things are a at least a few years old. Therefore I shouldn’t avoid expensive fabrics based on price, because I will get my monies worth. But also I don’t need to always buy expensive fabrics because the cheap fabrics are lasting. 
Taking photos 

Previously I have found taking photos hard work and time consuming as I thought I needed someone to take the photo in bright daylight – getting those two to collide while wearing my new project rarely seemed to happen. But Me Made May didn’t allow for that. It turns out photos on a hanger with no filters look pretty good. So expect to see less of my face and more of my finished projects!
Blogging vs instagramming

It’s not always necessary to write a blog post, often it’s fun to try to be concise in a short instagram post.

#memademay2017 has enabled me to find other ordinary sewists out there. Before this month I used to mostly follow professional bloggers/instagrammers who produce a lot with expensive fabrics and patterns they get for free. It’s nice to find others who are in the same boat as me and taking things slower with a bit less polish.

And the biggest lesson is that I love wearing my me-mades!


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