Men’s shirt refashion in to a bomber jacket

I took part in @amynicolestudio and @pilarbear‘s Restyling Exchange

The idea is that you send off an item that you want restyled with your measurements and your likes and dislikes to someone to restyle and send back to you. Then someone else sends a similar package to you. 

I received this black shirt and decided to make a bomber jacket. 

I just so happened to have the rest of the items round my house as I have previously thought of making a bomber jacket. The scarf is from a haul from the East End Thrift Store. The shirt is from a charity shop in Belfast, I have been meaning to refashion it but didnt get round to until now. 

This is how it turned out. I am really pleased and I was tempted not to send it as I wanted to keep it for myself!

You can see what everyone else has been making at #RestylingExchange2017 on Instagram.

Here’s how I made this bomber jacket


  • Two similar sized men’s shirts 
  • One open ended zip
  • Sweatshirt elastic – enough for waist and cuffs
  • Optional – Silk scarf for arms if one or both of the shirts are short sleeved


  1. Unpick the collar, cuffs and button band from the outside shirt
  2. Unpick the collar stand and button band from the inside shirt
  3. Press and remove lose threads
  4. Trim the front opening so that both sides are even.

If you are using short sleeved shirts or want different sleeves

  1. Unpick the sleeves.
  2. Cut out long sleeves on the fold using a long sleeved shirt as a pattern (make sure to add seam allowance).
  3. Sew up the sleeve seam and attach to the body.

All versions

Single welt pockets

Watch and follow this YouTube video.


  1. Lie the sleeves right sides together and sandwich the elastic in between. 
  2. Stitch with a 1cm seam allowance.


  1. Lie the shirts right sides together lining up the neck and front edges.
  2. Sandwich the zip between the two shirts with the teeth on the inside and sew along the edge of the zip and shirt openings.
  3. Then sew the other side of the zip using the same method.

    Waist band

    1. Level off the shirts 1cm below the bottom of the zip.
    2. (The following measurements depend on the width of the elastic – mine was 2.5 inches) Mark a 1.5 inch long line from the bottom of the shirt that is 2.5 inches parallel with the zip. 
    3. Do this on both sides of the zip.
    4. Join up the top of these lines all the way round the jacket.
    5. Cut along the marked line.
    6. Lie the bottom of the shirts right side together and sandwich the elastic between the shirts. 
    7. Sew together with a 1cm seam allowance. 

    This is a bit fiddly, I had to do it a few times before I got it right. You want to stretch the elastic to the width of your shirts. If your shirts are different widths you might need to gather one of them so they’re the same widths.


    Lie the shirt necks wrong sides together, place in the collar stand and top stitch shut.

    Et voila… a bomber jacket!


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